Sunday, October 11, 2009

I, Spy

Right now one of Maximo's favorite games is "I Spy". He will incessantly say, "More, more" as soon as he spied something to continue play. We started playing, I think, in an airport somewhere this summer and it has gotten us out of some fussy times. It's been fun expanding Maximo's world with this game as we try to find new and interesting things on our walks and bike rides.

A couple of weeks ago, the school was inspecting our apartment and they, along with John, discovered a sunken table (kotatsu) in our tatami room. I've been pining for one (okay that may be a bit strong) since I saw one in our headmaster's house. And one day... there it was. Last weekend we cleaned it all up and this week was our trial week to see if it's something we want to use full-time in our home or not. I was a bit concerned with keeping Maximo "put" during meal time and also concerned with keeping the tatami clean. We've been putting Max in his portable booster seat and putting a towel on the floor and it seems to be working.

I only wish we had discovered this before we bought a rug, 2 tables and chairs from IKEA, but hopefully we'll be able to find homes for them.

I did a little research - and here's the simplified wiki version explaining our tatami room.

I think we're turning Japanese, I think we're turning Japanese, I really think so...

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