Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week In Review

We really started back to work last week. The week before was just for "newbies" so, while it was exhausting, it included trips to IKEA and the such, so it wasn't too bad. This week we had three in-service days and we saw kids on Thursday and Friday and now the weekend has flown by and we're ready to start our first full week with students.

After being on vacation for five weeks, and kind of living on easy street our last year or two in Peru, as far as work goes, it's been a bit hard. For both of us, the worst part of the day is from about 7:25-7:40 when we're walking out the door and getting Maximo to daycare. He cried every morning last week, though it lessened with intensity as the week wore on. When we picked him up Wed., Thurs., and Friday, he didn't start bawling when he saw us, so hopefully it'll continue to get better. Also, for me, it was a difficult couple of days as a new elementary school teacher. I have great kids, but it's been a bit hard to plan being with them all day and actually being with them all day. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.

Otherwise, we're really happy here. Rokko Island is the perfect place for young kids - it's safe, there are a lot of activities for kids to do and it's super easy to get around (by bike!). I'll try to not go almost a week without writing, but it is going to be a busy year this year. It's almost like our first year of teaching all over again (Yipee! Bring on the 8:00 pm bedtimes and the long hours of planning). I remember it being like this our first year in Peru too.

We're hoping our shipment will arrive this week and Flavius is booked for a flight (unless the incompetent and unpredictable shipping agent out of Peru screws something up) to arrive on Saturday morning and the little one turns TWO on Friday! WOW! Hopefully everything will arrive so we can settle in next weeked and really make our apartment home.


Michelle said...

You and Max look very happy on the bike! Glad to hear things are going well.

Linda said...

Love your new transportation method! I can't believe Maximo is 2 on Friday! Have a good week!

Lindsey said...

Yum. I'd love some mold, please! Looks like you're getting there!! Good luck with Kobe beef tomorrow, and good for you for getting a sitter so quickly!!