Friday, August 28, 2009

All in a Day

Today Maximo turned 2! It was a full day, but a nice one. Here are a bunch of pictures spanning from AM to PM.
This morning, Maximo opened his gifts while we were hanging around the house before going to school. He got some trucks that run on his train track and a helicopter - a wooden pull toy with oscillating "blades". He loved the helicopter and lapped around the island pulling it chanting "Ahh-pita".

Soon after, we had to convince him that he had to leave the helicopter for when he got home from "school". We set off for school and Max's daycare. This is the dreaded part of our day (and has been for the past 3 weeks). He started to fuss as we crossed the intersection he now recognizes as the corner where "school" is located. We kept talking to him and I mentioned that I brought cookies to share with his friends at snack time. Maybe that did the trick. Maybe it's just finally time. BUT... he didn't cry when we left. So, Maximo gave us something for his birthday! I'm sure that doesn't mean he won't cry ever again as we drop him off, but maybe that is going to start tapering off.

We worked all day (ho-hum).

When we were done with school, we got Max, went home, changed and packed for dinner at the river. We met about 10 couples with their kids and relaxed (well, as much as you can with about 20 kids running around). We had some beers, ate some Indian take-out and thought we made it through our first full week with students. Only 35 or so more weeks to go!
Max and Evan snacking

Reunited and it feels so good.

Max eating everyone's food.

Los Lemley boys

Didi and Bax (this is what they call each other)

Happy Birthday, little boy! We love you!


Linda said...

Happy Birthday Maximo! What a day you had! It sounds just perfect! Kate sends you a big hug and kiss!
Love Rich, Kate and Linda

Celia said...

Happy birthday, Bax! We love you, too!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Max!