Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mid-week Review

Max on his new bike! Note banged up knee and then stickers below to make it all better!

You may be able to tell from the scintillating post title that we're in the thick of it now, but I wanted to post something so you all would know that we're doing well in Japan.

Some tidbits:
  • Max is still crying when we drop him off (not fun)
  • We're enjoying our lifestyle here in Japan - riding our bikes, making dinner every night and eating as a family
  • Flavius is scheduled to fly in on Saturday, so John and a couple of WONDERFUL friends are going to the airport to try to bring him home.
  • Our shipment doesn't look like it'll be at our house until mid next week... C'est la vie.
  • Two weeks into moving to Peru we had learned about 100 new words. I think I can confidently say about 4 things here, but I'm going to make an effort. I'm writing Max's daily log in kanji, though I don't expect to memorize anything but milk, rice, chicken, egg, watermelon and toast.
Here are a few pics from the week. They aren't the best quality, since they're off the iPhone, but if I didn't have the iPhone, you'd get none.

Max's art outside of his daycare.
His face and legs matched his masterpiece when he came home

We found a water table at Toys 'R Us!

On the back of the Mama-san

Max and I at the Obon festival at the River Mall on Rokko Island.

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