Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Grand Day in Atlanta

We're in Atlanta right now on a whirlwind stop between Connecticut and Georgia. We stopped here because I had an IB conference to attend and we have a lot of friends and family that live here. I've been tied up the conference until today, but have managed to fit in dinners with Karen, my college roommate, her husband and sweet baby daughter, Katherine. We've seen my aunt, uncle and cousins a couple of times, and our dear friends, the Alfaros.

Today we had a full day of fun. We started at the Georgia Aquarium which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It puts the Mystic Aquarium to shame, I must say. Then we went over to Centennial Park and played in the fountains, ran back to the hotel for naps, then headed over to Uncle Steve's. What a great, great day. Tomorrow, we head down to Savannah and we can't wait!

Max and Charlie @ GA Aquarium

Water Boy

Cousin Zach making funny faces at Lola

...and more

Willy & Max & Zach

Swimming in the pool

Seriously... how cute! For never meeting each other before this week, Willie and Zach were so super awesome to their little cousins. They played with Max and loved making Lola smile. Tonight after dinner, they helped Max catch fireflies in the yard and they let him go through all their things and tag a long! We can't wait to hang out again!

And in case you want more (photos of our day):
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