Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Playdate

Eager for our guest to arrive

Today, Maximo had a friend over. It makes him seem so big, not that everything he is doing right now makes him seem like he'll be walking out the front door for college soon, or anything.

He is fascinated with picnics right now, so he wanted to have a picnic with his friend, Kiyona. Luckily, we have a miniscule backyard, so it was easy to throw something together rather than lug food and three kids somewhere. He helped with every step, from the grocery shopping (he picked out a juice box for each one of them at the store, and a muffin at the bakery, then put them in his bike basket to bring home), to choosing the menu, to helping prepare the food (he chose the cookie cutters for the sandwiches and decided who got what shape). = very cute!

They had their lunch together in the warm sunshine:

Then I brought out the small tent where they played and read books...
and then the mayhem began...

(Every time I look at this photo, I laugh out loud!)

Rolling the tent over!

They had a blast together. Max then had his last swim class of the session (HE DIDN'T GET A FAILING REPORT CARD THIS TIME!) and now he's passed out from his action-packed day.

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