Thursday, April 28, 2011


We did celebrate a little Easter at La Casa de los Lemleys. We had some friends over on Saturday night and we dyed Easter eggs, then Maximo woke up on Sunday to a basket full of goodies and an Easter egg hunt. Since we live overseas and do not watch TV besides downloaded shows and movies, Max doesn't have any idea about many commercial things or all the junk that there is out there for kids. So, while some plastic Easter eggs were filled with jelly beans, just as many were filled with peanuts, pecans and pistachios and he loved them just the same. He didn't even know all the Easter candy he was missing - the chocolate, the Peeps have by-passed us another year.

I didn't get any Easter-y photos. We didn't have a big family dinner nor put on our Sunday finest. However, I did get some other photos from the day. On (Rokko) Island, there was a festival for Easter which had about 50 food stalls (Asian street food is the best!) from different restaurants, so we meandered around and ate and ate and ate (Japanese, Indian, Korean, Sri Lankan, Turkish).
There were also stalls selling produce and other fun things for the kiddos to do.

Maximo's highlight was riding the horse:

Life is going by fast. I can't believe the kids and I will be heading to the US in less than 4 weeks. While I'm excited for this, I'm not excited that my maternity leave is also coming to an end. The weather continues to be fickle - with varying temperatures and quite a bit of rain.

I've updated the April Photo Album, and posted my favorites in this post from this past week:
Children's Day Carp hanging over the River Mall

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