Monday, April 04, 2011

Daddy David!

Max is talking and talking and talking these days. He'll talk to himself for about an hour before he drifts off to sleep at night and he'll point out everything he sees while he's out,
"Look Mommy, a bug!"
"Look Daddy, a crane!"

He narrates just about everything he is doing.

Many times he quotes his favorite tv shows, sometimes even in a British accent - like Charlie and Lola or he'll dictate whole stories about his trains.

Lately, he's said some super funny things that we wanted to share (and not forget ourselves).

1. Let me preface this one by saying that in true Mommy form, I use Maximo's full name (Maximo David) when he's in trouble or I really need his attention. The other day John was about to cross the street (Max is very cautious and mindful of the "rules") and Max got nervous because he didn't see the green pedestrian sign, and yelled out,
"Daddy DAVID!"

2. Today when I was helping him put on his socks while I had Lola in the Baby Bjorn.
"Mommy, he's dripping. Mommmmmmmy, HE'S DRIPPING." (Lola was drooling)

3. Maximo was looking at my stomach tonight, so I asked him, "What do you think that is, Maximo?" (Wondering if he has any recollection or connection of Lola being in my belly)
"A stain."

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