Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lola's First Check Up

Someone said to me at the store the other day, "Everyone should have at least two kids, because it's so much different after the first one." And it's true. Granted, Lola is a bit more low-key than her big brother, we are just so much more relaxed about everything too - not that we were too crazy with Max, I think we did/are doing an okay job, but you just know things come in stages and not to sweat the little stuff.

When Lola's crying, I know:
1. She's breathing
2. She can wait another few minutes.
3. Or it's just her fussy time of day. Even though I hate the time of day it is, we expect it and deal with it.

If shepukes all over the place spits up a decent amount, I know:
1. She'll just eat more later.
2. She had too burp.
3. My milk comes out at super-speed the first few minutes and she ate too much, too fast.
4. A couple of grams/ounces doesn't matter in the big scheme of things.
5. I NEVER have the burp rag in the right place at the right time but it'll wash out.

Whereas with Maximo, I would stress about every gram of food going into and out of his body. I remember filling him up before doctor's appointments and hoping he didn't poop before/while we were there so he could weigh the most possible... (And that's a little insane.)

I'm enjoying being home. Yes, I'm lucky that we can send Max off to "school" (he calls it school and I feel less guilty than calling it daycare) a few days a week, so it's not so hectic around the house. I do spend a bit more time on the internet, although it's usually when I'm feeding Lola, but I'm getting the house cleaned, laundry done and I don't feel like I'm all over the place, which is nice for once.

Happy Mommy = Happy Baby

I did start to get a little anxious today before Lola's and my one-month check up. Things are just going well and I didn't want a doctor to tell me anything differently. Luckily I'm fine and can now live my life again with "no limitations" - whoo-hoo. Party time (ha). Although my doctor said to wait until I have my period before I start any form of birth control. Isn't it a little too late by that point? I emphasized that I DON'T want to have any more children, but she said to wait... Hmmm...

And Lola's doctor (just the one we had to check with at the hospital she was born at) spoke very, very little English, but said,
To which I responded, "Yes."
"Good size."

And I also asked about her birthmark (meaning: pointed at birthmark and said, "Daijobu?").
She said a TON of stuff in Japanese, but then said "Daijobu". (meaning okay or not to worry). So, I won't. I'm glad that it's on her bottom cheeks rather than the ones on her face, because it's quite big and raised.

Really, that's all I needed. I'm going to go to another pediatrician for the rest of her appointments and vaccinations. She did have her measurements done and I'll try not to bore you like I did with EVERY ONE OF MAXIMO'S weight measurements, but here's her stats today:
Weight: 4615 g (10.17 lbs)
Height: 54 cm (21.25 inches)
It still amazes me how much they can grow just from ME. Just from breastfeeding. The human body is a pretty cool thing.


Michelle said...

She looks so much like Max in that first picture! I'm glad to hear you all are doing well!!

Terie and K-Dog said...

Sounds good and much more relaxing. Do not worry about the birth mark. Kelani had a huge scar just above where Lola's mark is, she still has it, but it is not growing with her, so it is not near as noticeable.