Saturday, July 10, 2010

Morning at the Water Park

We're tracking Nana on kind of like tracking Santa and his sleigh. (She'll probably bring as many gifts - no actually, probably more than what Santa usually delivers.)
On the horizon we have some pretty yucky weather coming our way and we've been trying to get together with one of Maximo's old schoolmates this week, so we decided to venture out to the Water Park this morning.There's a water park on island - and Max and Kiyona had a fabulous time! There were so many cool water features and all-in-all pretty safe. Max could play on his own without us standing guard the whole time. It was a great morning, and he quickly went off for a nap... until our next major event of the day... NANA'S ARRIVAL! We can't wait. She's about an hour from Tokyo as I write this, then she has another short flight into Osaka.
Maximo's favorite thing about the water park - the "big bucket" - once it fills it tips over and makes a loud noise and a ton of water comes out. He was fascinated, yet scared at the same time!
Time to go home!

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