Saturday, February 06, 2010

Signs of Spring

Although it snowed this morning - a mad flurry for about 15 minutes, Spring is sneaking in as, I hope, Winter bids us farewell. All in all it's been a mild winter - the coldest it's been is about 30 degrees and that's only been a few mornings. Needless to say, anything under 40 is cold on a bike and the wind can whip around the island and make it feel a lot colder than it really is.

On the way back from brunch this morning, I noticed a man taking photos on the Greenbelt (the 5 km walking path around the island). I looked beyond him and noticed small purple flowers dotting the trees around him. I've never seen trees blooming this early. Come to find out, they are plum blossoms. The white ones look like popcorn hanging on the tree and they are really fragrant.

So this afternoon, we went out and climbed around a bit and took some pictures.Climbing the hill behind our apartment.

Denis & Max cracking up when the cars went by!

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Teresa said...

the blossoms are incredible aren't they! I do miss that about Asia.