Sunday, February 14, 2010

A LOVE-ly Day

Ice on the trees on Mt. Rokko

Today we went up Mount Rokko to celebrate Evan, Kiyona and Allie's birthdays. They are all teachers' kids that also go to Yume Club with Maximo. We went to a "park" that has a man-made ski slope and sledding area for kids. It was fun and really the first time Maximo saw snow - except for a flurry on a back of the bike last weekend. Max had a good time, but was a bit out of sorts because it was his first day out of the house in about four, since he's been battling a respiratory infection.

Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures. But here are a few that I got. Happy Valentine's Day!
His bibs - so cute!
I'm hoping we'll get a couple more wears out of them!

Max and Daddy sliding down the slope!

I packed a L-O-V-E- inspired lunch.
I LOVE my "hard boiled egg shapers". Only in Japan!

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