Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sending Cyber Love

Please excuse my singing.
And my collection of gray sweatshirts.
Focus on Maximo.

We just wanted to send you some L-O-V-E!

Yesterday, we received our Old Navy order of summer clothes for Maximo.
It was our first time playing "dress up". It was quite fun. Without any prompting, he started peeling off his clothes and tried on some of his new wares as I started taking all the clothes out of the bags (all individually wrapped - ugh). Unfortunately, he had no idea what to do with the underwear - except to wear it as a bracelet. I showed him where they belonged, but he insisted on putting them on over his diaper. This is something we'll tackle this summer.

Two is better than one

Water wing and undie bracelets

He insists on wearing this hat sideways - granted it's one size too big!

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