Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Christmas Fly on the Wall

Here are some snippets of our Christmas morning.
Max loves everything "boy" - dinosaurs, trains and construction,
so he made out well.
It was a nice low-key Christmas just the three of us.

And a couple of pictures from today:

I made play dough - edible of course, because, well... Max always has to try everything, usually by putting it in his mouth (I thought we were past this stage, but he actually didn't eat any - he only licked one piece). I set him up at the table, gave him some kitchen utensils, a popsicle stick and some cookie cutters and he played for an hour and a half!
We've never seen anything keep his attention for so long!

In my head, I always hear "Mama Says Knock You Out"
when I see a hoodie sweatshirt.
He helped water the plants this afternoon
and came in soaking wet and shivering,so we had to bundle him up!
P.S. Denis, he LOVES the slippers, thank you!

And to report important news, since this is somewhat of a "baby book"... Today we said bye-bye to his "pons" - chupons... pacifiers. We've had a few tears, but he went to bed fairly well, we'll see what tonight brings. He's been using one since he was about a year old but only when he slept or we were traveling. We've been really ready to get rid of them, but was glad he had a little something extra to help him keep it together during the move and transitioning here. Hopefully it'll continue to go smoothly - though I know I usually curse myself when I post something on the blog.

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