Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Because You're Dying To Know

What goes on in a Japanese daycare...

We continue to love Max's daycare although some days I feel like that love is not reciprocated. Not because they aren't loving to Maximo or because they aren't kind to us. They are both of those things. It's just that he has had some issues lately at school, as I've mentioned before and I hold my breath every day when I ask the senseis how his day went. Today was one of those good days when he didn't bite anyone or scratch a baby. Honestly, what more could a mother want?

A few weeks ago, his sensei handed us a DVD and showed us a sign-up sheet. We soon figured that it was a video of the kids and we could sign it out for 48 hours. They filmed a day at the daycare. It's quite cute. I made a copy of it and cut it up a bit (since it was about 40 minutes long) to highlight our shining star.

And, voila... It wasn't the best quality video to begin with, then I converted it, and cut it and didn't add transitions, so hopefully it won't make you too nauseous to watch it!

Here is a day in the life of Maximo at "school"- Yume Club.


Hugo said...

At least it's not a video of Max biting someone in the eye!

Julie said...

That's why I had to edit. Well, it wasn't for biting, but there was an unprovoked push!

Linda said...

I love how Max's is right up front in the "Do the Elephant" song. Is that Julie or John trait?