Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun Times

WARNING: This is just another blog entry with a shameless amount of photos of Maximo. So if you are not a grandmother of this dear boy, you may want to check back later.

Max has been really fun lately - have I said that before? Now, we can really do activities with him strike>and oh, the real teacher in me is coming out. I enjoy reading parenting magazines and blogs to get ideas for fun activities. There are many arts and crafts projects that I can't wait to do, but there are some fun EASY activities that we've been experimenting with:
1. Painting - I don't always enjoy the mess and struggle to keep it contained, but he LOVES it!
2. "Fake painting" - all this kid needs is a paintbrush and a bucket of water - he paints the car, the house... I always pull him away kicking and screaming!

3. Cleaning - give the boy a broom! Just like his daddy.4. Flashlight Fun - fun for Flavius too!5. Chase - He loves to be chased. He squeals with delight when he's being chased and loves it when you roar too.

Notice none of these are toys? Max has toys, though not piles and piles of them. But, he'd much rather play with outside or doing something artsy.

And this... Cute and sad...approximately 5 seconds passed between these two photos

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