Monday, June 01, 2009


As we begin our last month here in Peru, we barely have down time. We've had a major "to do" list. Somethings have been checked off, some are dancing around our my mind during the wee hours of the night, and many seem to get added daily.

  • Find a temporary home for Flavius HALLELUJAH!
  • Buy a new baby alpaca jacket Wasn't originally on a list... but oh, it's so purty!
  • Make appointment and go to dentist
  • Make appointment and go to dermatologist for weird foot thing
  • Buy Peru paraphernalia for Maximo for next few sizes
  • Close out Peruvian bank account
  • Get Luciana to tailor a few items and make Maximo a Halloween costume.
  • Start Packing and "organizing"
  • Sell things we don't want
  • Help our maid and nanny find new jobs
  • Buy odds and ends gifts
  • Sell car
  • Complete paperwork for Japanese visa
  • Get medical records - especially explanation of "incompetent cervix"
  • Renew Georgia teaching license - yes this is half crossed out for reason - don't ask.
  • Say many goodbyes

The title is as such because my students and I have fun sometimes speaking in "chat" language using acronyms for everything. They think it's a crack up that I know a lot of them and I continually make them up to amuse them (note: sixth graders are easy to amuse). Whenever I make a to do list, I always start the sticky note with: TTD (Things to Do).

And this doesn't have anything to do with TTD - except maybe,
  • Eat him with a spoon:

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