Sunday, July 15, 2012

Family, Friends and the Fair

We've been in Connecticut for about a week and John just arrived a few days ago.  The kids had a couple of rocky days as we navigated around Nana's house and being without Daddy, but it seems like we've found our groove.

The best part about being home (both CT and GA) is being around family.  But, the bestest is to watch Max and Lola hang with their cousins, Jessica and Amanda.  Max and Amanda are only a month apart in age, so they are easy friends.  Sometimes I worry about Jess getting bored or frustrated with all the little kids, but NO! Jess has been great with Lola.  She wants to hang out with her all the time and she is really helpful!  Even in the water, Jess is really good about keeping an eye on Lola.

We've been playing a lot, eating a lot and we even went to a local agricultural fair, which Maximo LOVED!

Here's the beginnings of the Connecticut photos:

Connecticut Summer 2012

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