Monday, July 23, 2012

Connecticut Summer

The WHOLE Hinternhoff-Wood Clan...  
Next time we just need to get the Tylers there too!

Lola, Nana and Amanda 

As it shows from my lack of blog posts, our trip to Connecticut was a whirlwind trip.  It was jammed packed with family and eating our favorite foods and trying to catch up with a few friends.  Last summer I was there for over a month with the kids, since I was still on maternity leave, so I was able to do a lot more... see old friends and enjoy old haunts with the kids.  Unfortunately, with us purchasing a house in GA this summer, this time was shortened.  It was really hard squeezing in a year's worth of visits in ten days!

Fishing at the lake 

Even though we didn't do everything we wanted to, we had a great time.  The best being spending time with family.  John and I love seeing Max and Lola with their cousins.  The girls both love Lola and I'm glad Max had the opportunity to go over their house without Lola.  He now has all sorts of interesting "pool jumps" he learned from Jessica - like "The Waterfall" and "The Cake".

 Maximo on the "bungee jump" at the North Stonington Fair
Lola and Dad having a kiss on the beach

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