Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day 2012

This is a little late to write a sweet little message to John about how great he is as a dad.  And now that Maximo is SO vocal, it's better to get it straight from the mouths of his babes.

We're keeping up with the Father's Day book, with the exception of when I forgot last year because I went to the US early with the kids.

 "I love to play legos with Daddy" and a picture of Maximo and John playing legos at the table.
 With the exception of Lola, it looks just like when they play legos together:

Maximo's lego creation, "Look, Mommy.  It's all of us, and Lola is bowing".  (She does bow for konnichiwas and thank yous!)

Today we're off to the US for our summer vacation.  We can't wait.  It will truly begin after our 24 hours of travel.  Let's hope we survive with Lola on our laps!

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