Saturday, June 09, 2012

At last, Summer is here!

It has been a hectic month, actually year.  Going back to work full time, in a demanding job as a mother of two has been rough, but we made it!

The past few weeks has been a whirlwind... It's always exciting to be able to end a school year, have an extended vacation with the kids, then start fresh in the fall, but the end of the school year as an International teacher, well, kind of stinks...   There are always a lots of goodbyes (despedidas, sayonaras, depending on our locale), there are always report cards and those time consuming comments.  We have to clean up our classrooms... there are a lot of end of year parties for different things.  I never think I'll get everything done, but it all gets done...  although I have a to-do list to tackle over the next two weeks while we're in Japan and then other things to finish over the summer... like cleaning up my work email inbox!

Anyhow, the highlights of the last few weeks have been:
Maximo's end of BBP party at the River Mall with his teachers and friends.

Our family trip to the zoo.

Maximo's end of year BBP Play (where he played the headmaster).

Our trip today to Arashiyama - I can't believe we hadn't been there before!

I've put a lot of photos in the May-June Picasa Folder:
May - June 2012

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