Saturday, February 11, 2012

Maximo's School Portfolio

 At Canadian Academy, all students keep a digital portfolio.  It's just like those large portfolios students have been compiling every year and send home to their parents at the end of the year to show their work and growth, but it's keep on a blog.  Students add to it every year they are at CA to show that they are IB students and give examples of how are students are aspiring to our Mission.

Here is Maximo's portfolio, so far, this year. 

October 2011 - Maximo explaining His Family that he created in clay

January 2012 - Explaining one of his art pieces

Last week, Maximo started a new unit at school about Changes.  They have had a LOT of fun hands on activities where they observe changes.   Here are a few:
 Making Obleck

 Making a tie dye shirt with a 6th grader

Making (and eating) pancakes... on Pajama Day

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