Saturday, February 04, 2012

Jamming Two Weeks into One Post

It has been busy at La Casa de Los Lemleys.  Not necessarily at our house, but work has been a bit rough...   John and I had our semester one grades due last Monday and our student load is huge.  The middle school and high school are on the same schedule, so that made our deadlines exactly the same.  It was challenging balancing school and the kiddos, but we all survived.

It's pretty chilly here as well, which has made for some not-so-fun transports to and from school on our bikes, loaded with kids and bags and groceries.

Lola was home sick for a few days with RSV, the one thing that we didn't want Maximo to get when he was a baby because it could have been fatal for him, and paid for $1000 vaccines for him each month during the winter.  She had a really high fever, but was eating well, so we weren't overly concerned.  She demanded a lot of attention (and TV), but her high fever broke after about 3 days.  Then she had a bad cough and still has a nasty runny nose, which she then loves to rub up into her hair.  But, besides that the kids are great. 

Since Lola and John were feeling under the weather, so they stayed home, while I took Maximo to Nara for the Annual Mountain Burning.  We had a great time.  It was chilly, but we dressed pretty well.  It was a long train ride for the hour and a half that we were there, but he loved the fireworks and we both enjoyed the street food and riding the trains.  He's a great age, where we really don't need to pack too much for him and he loves being on the trains.

I leave on Wednesday to go on the ski trip with the seventh grade class.  I haven't skied since I was in high school, hopefully it'll come back.  It'll be nice, although I don't really love cold weather.  I'll miss John and the babes a lot though.  It'll be rough on John especially getting the chicos to and from school in the morning, especially on one bike in the cold.  And he starts assistant coaching badminton this week as well.

At least our semester is full with events and work, so hopefully it'll go by fast because we can't wait for 1. warmer weather 2. to go home and see our families this summer and 3. to hopefully purchase a house in Savannah while we're home this summer.

And I'll leave you with two Maximo videos.
1. We don't want to forget him saying "Hangurbur" and "Lasterday Night".  Our two favorite Maximo sayings.  We still don't have lasterday night on film, but this will do:

2. He is always singing and sharing his poems from school:  Here is "Under the Spreading Chesnut Tree" in English and (butchered) Japanese:

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