Saturday, November 19, 2011

Book Character Day - Maximo

On Friday, while John and I were sitting through a marathon of parent conferences, Maximo had Book Character Day at school.  The younger grades had a day where they would dress up like their favorite character from a book and show how that character emulates an IB Learner Profile attribute.

We asked Maximo what character he wanted to be, and held our breath that it was actually a character that we could easily make a costume for.  He chose the "Mr. Mechanic Tow Truck" from My Truck Is Stuck.
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We had to help Maximo with the Learner Profile attribute.  Mr. Mechanic is both knowlegeable and caring.  We were going to go with caring because it's a bit easier for a four year old to understand and explain, but his teacher convinced us to put him in the "knowledgeable" category.

John wanted to take on the challenge... and he did an amazing job - it's just made out of a box from the copier room.  I think he's just signed himself up for many Halloween costumes in the future! 

Here he is fastening the straps to the car:
 Mr. Max Mechanic

 Maximo "snuggling Daddy" while he tightens the straps!


Celia said...

Wow! What a great character idea! Love the costume!

linda said...

That is a great idea! Like the costume. We had that at school too on Friday. But kids could also go in their favorite colour. I opted for favorite colour outfit. All her friends were in costumes. Opps! not such a good mom.