Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little White Lies - Christmas 2010 - Day 18

As proud parents, we'll tell you how smart our little boy is. Luckily, he can't read, yet, so he has no idea he missed out on anything on the Christmas Countdown.

He had to eat his meals, so I just sprinkled a little "holiday spice" on them. Today, Lola slept at just the right times for me to prepare his lunch (and John had Max out at the playground) and the hot chocolate took all of one minute to put together this morning after his breakfast. He seemed content enough - that and watching The Grinch (three times back to back) this morning.

I love edible food markers!

A "special Christmas lunch"
(It's all about the title and how you sell it to a toddler)

An apple present, Christmas tree PB&J,
the Grinch's sleigh with cheese and dog presents, and red 'jelly'

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Terie and K-Dog said...

Those are lucky kids!! John too!