Saturday, December 18, 2010

The 16th and 17th

Poor Max has lost his spotlight on the blog the past two weeks. He's had some ups and downs this week since Lola and I have come home. Now John's on vacation for three weeks, so we hope that with a bit more family time that he can get more adjusted to being a big brother.

Today he had a Christmas party at school with Santa, and I totally forgot! Oops. But he was excited and surprised when I picked him up - I haven't been able to drop him off/pick him up for weeks. He was also very proud to show me his Santa artwork.
"Look, Mommy. M-A-X-I-M-O. MAX!"

Yesterday was the first Christmas Countdown activity since I've been home that wasn't just reading a book. We did an Eskimo craft. Is "Eskimo" even a P.C. term these days? He loves pom-poms, so it was a hit. He did a great job gluing them onto the hood of the eskimo's jacket. And tonight, he must have played for over a half hour as a "clamshell crane" picking up pom-poms with the kitchen tongs and dropping them into cups.
Tonight was movie night and we watched The Grinch - the old animated one. I'm not sure he got the story, but he enjoyed it.

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