Saturday, April 03, 2010

'Twas a Lovely Spring Day... Finally

It has been a long winter. Not ridiculously cold, but l-o-n-g and wet. When you're living in a small Japanese apartment, wet and cold weather really, well, sucks, especially when you're living with a two year old.

Today, the sun finally shone and it was in the 50s. We had big plans for the day, so after boiling a few dozen eggs and getting some laundry on the line, we headed for the "Tulip Festival" on island. It was a small little plot with a few hundred tulips planted on it. Maximo loved walking through the rows and surprisingly enough, he just looked and smelled and refrained from touching or romping through the flowers.

After that we headed off island (barely) to check out some cherry blossoms and go to the home goods store to buy some more flowers for our garden. Maximo loves the "animal" section of this store - it has a huge fish selection and also quite a few (expensive!) puppies and kittens for sale. He bought a toy (a bag of balls) for Flavius and was so proud of himself that he even carried the bag the whole way home. When he got home, he couldn't wait to get out of his shoes and jacket to bust open the package to give to Flavius. He was frustrated at first when Flavius didn't show much interest in the balls, but I think two of them had catnip in them, so Flavius was soon kicking them all over the house which pleased the pants off of Max.

After a nap, we colored Easter eggs with our dear neighbors, Kai, Luka and Eiko. Maximo is in love with Kai and Luka. Unfortunately today, he was a bit fussy and puked while they were here, but I think everyone was overall happy with their eggs.

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