Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's Let the Video Speak for Itself

Let me set the scene...

Since it is finally warming up, after Maximo's baths in the evening, we've been letting him run around naked, partly because he's cute, and partly to prep him a bit more for our potty-training venture in a few weeks.

As soon as I stepped out of his room to answer the phone, I had a feeling it was just the right mood and silence he needed to do his business. I was only on the phone with Kirsten for about two minutes - she was cackling away about some wacky Georgian democrat. (Who after YouTube "research" turned out to be entertaining and quite an ignorant nut-job.)

If you're squeamish about poop, you may want to not hit "play".
Otherwise, enjoy. We did. And we do plan to save this for his first prom date, or future wife or for another time we really need to blackmail him.


Terie and K-Dog said...

I guess, like you tube, your video has been blocked by the government here.
hope all is good and well!

Julie said...

really? That's funny. Can you watch other YouTube videos there?

Celia said...

Ha! Way to go, Max!