Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sumo Sunday

John and I went to our first sumo match on Sunday. An email went around from the Elementary Social Committee and all I had to do was hit reply, type "2 people" and go pay a colleague for the tickets. For me, this was perfect!

We got a babysitter and went just the two of us (with 30 other colleagues/families). It was a really fun experience. We sat in the first two rows of chairs, which was a bit far back, but the gym was not too big. We got a good English guide book which explained the rules and the history of sumo, which made the experience a lot more understandable and enjoyable.

It was the first day of a 15-day tournament held annually in Osaka. It's definitely something we'll do again. Next time, we'd like to sit on the tatami seating next time and bring a picnic and maybe in a few years, drag along Maximo.

We had a nice outing, unfortunately, the pictures aren't so great.
Next week we're off for Spring Break and on Saturday, we're off to Cambodia! Yipee! I may not post until we get back from that trip.

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