Sunday, March 07, 2010

Adventures at a Japanese Daycare

Here's the rather long video made from clips while we were at Max's daycare yesterday. They had an open house type thing on Friday and Saturday for the kids to show us the songs they've been singing and dancing too and they did a little play. On Friday, all the kids from the daycare were there, so it was a more complete play. On Saturday, there were about 7 kids there with their families.

We weren't sure how Maximo was going to do with us there. He was a bit worried when we rolled up to daycare, but was quite the performer once we got there. He danced and jumped his heart out.

It was a fun time for all and it was nice to get out of the house because it's been raining all weekend.

The video on top seemed a bit hard to stream. If that doesn't work, try the one I uploaded on YouTube (same video):

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