Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lazy Days

We haven't been doing a whole lot these past few days. We've had some lazy mornings, that involved TWO cups of coffee, not the boring, regular one, and staying in our pajamas until almost lunch time.Max "helping" John put together MORE Ikea furniture

We had a nice quiet New Year's Eve here, just the three of us. We put together a seafood spread - fish and chips, sushi, cocktail shrimp, edamame and Maximo was in heaven. John and I had to fight him for the shrimp and sushi.NYE Spread

Here are a couple of pictures from the past week... Bridget came over yesterday to watch Max, so we could go over to a friend's house for brunch. She took some cute pictures of Maximo too which was nice!
On top of the slide!


Here's the completed Dec 2009 photo gallery.

And here's the beginnings of the January 2010 photo gallery.

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Hugo said...

Viva Colo Colo! Chi-Chi-Chi,Le-Le-Le!!!