Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let's Get Physical

Max has been exploring his body lately... I know what that sounds like, not THAT... he found THAT months, almost years ago and continues to enjoy THAT as most boys do...

He's been experimenting with what his body can do lately and how different actions feel and how far he can push his body. It's been quite fun to watch... Here are some of the things he's been doing:

Vueltitos (spinning in circles) - multiple times and then trying to walk straight... but never walking straight... and as always I have to step in so he doesn't kill himself, or at the very least, smash into the concrete wall that surrounds the neighborhood playground.

Walking backwards - he "backs it up" until he runs into something/someone or to sit on the bottom stair of our staircase (or frequently the poor cat). But, he'll back it up from across the room to get to his destination.

Walking on his tip-toes. I am a toe-walker, not always walking, but normally always running. I don't think Max is going to do it like I do, but he likes the way it feels and will walk on his tiptoes around the house, or one foot with his tiptoes and one flatfooted, so he looks a bit like Quasimoto - sin hump.

Hanging and pulling up his body weight. We were in the bathroom this morning and he grabbed on to the pedestal sink, hung there for a few seconds, then tried to pull himself up to turn on the water.

Jumping. He doesn't hit any air but he really tries to jump with the other kids in the park. It's very cute.

Author's Note: sorry I overuse the ellipses... I love them... It's how my internal voice sounds to me... I'm not even using them properly... but I'm okay with that... and when I don't over use the ellipses, then I start overusing the exclamation mark which makes me sound like I'm screaming at you or I'm an excited teenage girl!

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