Sunday, December 08, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lola!

Lola's birthday gift from her senseis with cards to practice her hiragana.

Dear Lola,
You seem so big and so little at the same time right now.  You are opinionated and often test boundaries in our house.  You love anything you can nurture - dinosaurs, baby dolls, the Christmas ornaments, whatever.  You love TV, even enjoy watching Ninjago and Star Wars, just to get in good with Maximo.

Lola with her new doll & stroller

You absolutely adore Maximo.  Whatever he is doing, you want to do also.  Whatever he has, you want the exact same thing.  When you see him at the end of the day, you rush to him and tell him "I missed you so much"  and give him a kiss and a hug.
Mo & Lo

You are finally starting to eat better.  You are finishing full meals, rather than just surviving on cucumbers, eggs, rice and chips.  I think you are becoming a better eater because you are watching your big brother, and you want dessert after dinner.  When I asked what you wanted for lunch for your birthday, you said "Obento", so that's what you got:
Birthday Obento
 We can't believe you're three.  In the past few weeks, you've pretty much potty trained yourself.  Most days you are extremely easy going and funny.  But, you are strong willed and can totally lose it if we pick the wrong clothes or hairdo for you.  You are easy in a crowd.  You are branching out from your 5 BFFs - Yuto, Kohei, Toma, Sam and Dima and even play with some girls now ^_^.   It's great to watch you interact with your friends and slip in and out between Japanese and English.

First Day Pic & Big 3 year Old

Happy Birthday, Big Girl!  It's going to be a great year - you'll start school next fall and we have some great trips and new experiences on the horizon.


Mom & Dad

Making a wish!