Monday, October 14, 2013

30 Things You Should Know and/or Will Love about Japan Series: # 25

#25 - Sports Day

Sports Day is my favorite school day out of the whole year.  Sports Day is a national holiday in Japan.  This holiday began to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and it was created to promote health and well being.

Schools have large events on these days which would compare to a Field Day in the U.S. (but better).  All families come to Sports Day.  Sports Day looks a little different at our school compared to Japanese schools.  Most of the Japanese schools on our island have already had their Sports Days the last two weekends.  In combination to a well orchestrated event and competitions, there is also an bento (lunch) "competition" amongst the moms.  A lot of time and effort goes into creating these beautiful and balanced lunches.

Our school has events that the whole school participates in (my favorites) and then the different sections of the schools go off and has competitions by grade level/age levels.  It isn't too competitive at our school, but the kids do separate off into two teams - Red and Gray, representing our school colors.

This year, our Sports Day is going to be a bit different, because it's our school's Centennial Celebration, so there are a lot of alumni and guests on campus.  We will only have the full school group activities and then a whole community BBQ.

Go Team Read 2012
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We're excited this year, because Lola will be joining us.  Her daycare is closed due the the national holiday and now that she's a bit older, she can come and hang out with us, and maybe even participate a bit!

Sports Day at the Rokko Island High School last week

Sports Day 2013 Pictures HERE

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