Friday, September 27, 2013

30 Things You Should Know and/or Will Love about Japan Series: # 9

These posts are written for Carrie, Pete, and Elvia for their imminent trip to Japan, but of course, anyone traveling to Japan or dreaming of traveling to Japan can enjoy.

#9: Cosplay

Cosplay "costume play" is where grown adults dress up in (intricate & expensive) costumes with accessories that usually represent a character, from Manga (Japanese adult cartoon) or other sources.

Our island is often a playground for "Cosplayers" and photographers on the weekends.  The spaceship-like Fashion Museum and the Proctor & Gamble Building (which Lola refers to Monsters' Inc.), are perfect backdrops to pink and blue-haired sword-wielding futuristic warriors.

It's always entertaining to watch and I love the juxtaposition of kids playing in the River Mall with all these futuristic funky characters getting photographed in the background.

If you want to learn more about Cosplay, read here (or Google it yourself!).

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