Sunday, June 02, 2013

June 2: A fortnight and more of silence

Hi, my name is Julie and I've been a really bad blogger.

Our life has been full of work, play and end of the school year craziness.

We've had a few weeks of gorgeous weather, so we've been outside a lot with the kids.
The Hamburger Sling at East Court 4 Matsuri
Lola Pushing John

We're counting down, really:
We have a Christmas Countdown - why not create one for summer?

 Maximo hosted his first sleep over and it was great fun.  Gaizka and Eguzki spent the night and Lola even got to tag along a bit.

 All this outside play has made us very tired:

In less than 15 days, we'll be in Savannah and we can't wait.  We just have 101 things to do before then.

We've updated the photo album to include a couple more.

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