Friday, April 19, 2013

A Wacky Week with Super Cute Kids

Maximo with his artwork

Handsome boy before the concert

As far as work was concerned, this week was insane.  John traveled to Beijing with the badminton team and I was busy with work with "my normal kookiness"  and two visitors this week at school.

But, as always, this was balanced with amazing kid stuff.

Thursday was absolutely insane.

It started with an Opening Ceremony for the APAC conference our school hosted for high school girls' soccer.  The younger grades acted as "Spirit Clubs" for the visiting schools.  It was Maximo's favorite thing to dress up in blue and red to support SAS - Shanghai American School and then get to ask questions to the team with his classmates.

Later in the day he had his KA concert.
Maximo & his classmates

Here are some highlights:

the day ended with his Swim class.
Actually, we ended it with Happy Meals and ice cream at McDonalds.  Because it was a long day and I was single parenting.  But it was a great, long, FULL day.


Katy Vance said...


I discovered your blog because of your COETAIL post. Your kids are adorable!!! What a nice thing to do for your friends and family.


Julie said...

Hi Katy,
Thanks! This is how I started writing a blog, and I really enjoy it, but now I write on three blogs and sometimes it's bit tough to manage.

They're cute and it's fun to document what we do as we travel and just hang out... and it saves me from emailing pictures to grandparents ^_^