Saturday, February 16, 2013

And it's mid February

This seems to happen all the time... again another half month has slipped away without a word from Los Lemleys. It has been really busy the past few weeks. We went from report cards being due to me slipping off to Tokyo for a conference to John and I both enrolled in Masters' level course work to me leaving for Hokkaido for the middle school Ski Trip. I'm also trying to manage three blogs right now - one for my classroom, one for my coursework and this one!  No wonder we are tired!

Anyways, this will be short, but there are pictures to share. The kids are well. I'll try to spend time posting about the kids soon - Maximo is READING, and swimming and "speaking in English, and Spanish and Japanese". Lola uses her two year old stubbornness and ear-shattering volume on us on a daily basis, but it cute and talking up a storm, slipping between English and Japanese.

Here are some photo albums to catch you up on Los Lemleys:

My Trip to Tokyo for the Google Apps for Education Summit at the American School in Japan.

Google Conference - Weekend In Tokyo

Miki and Yuto's Birthday Party that we attended last weekend and had a great time:

My 365 (which will not be 365 in the end) photo album. I'm not going to quit, but it's not happening everyday... and I'm losing track of which photo I'm doing for which day. I'm going to try to start to label them with the date to keep it better organized!

A Photo A Day 2013

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