Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Maximo the Artist

The past few months, Maximo's art has been really entertaining and getting more and more realistic.  He has gone through pads and pads of paper while we try to figure out what to keep and recycle, as he draws at home, at school, at after school care and has a lot of pieces.

We're starting to display a bit more in the house, and we have some piece archived with other special things, and we've been digitizing some of it.

This week, we had a really proud parent moment, when his art teacher contacted us to tell us that one of his pieces had been selected to be displayed at an international student art show in Kobe.  The class was working on still life and had seen some work done by Matisse, Magritte and Cezanne.  Ms. Elliott brought in three pieces of "autumn" fruit as their model.  Can you guess what fruits they were?

Anyhow, we're excited to go to the art show this weekend to see his work.

His favorite muses for his artwork are volcanoes, bats, rockets and rainbows.  He is starting to incorporate words into this art as well.

Here are some of his drawings from the past couple of weeks:

Our Apartment Building with Maximo on the 11th floor.
Hershey (the dog) is in his pen on the bottom right.

Around Halloween - A bat and Spidey

Bat Clapper and the moon and WORDS!

A funny art piece hanging in the wall outside Max's classroom.

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