Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Five Year Old Parents

My Cupcake in a Cup *see end note*
Five years ago we began our journey as parents.  Luckily these days it's a lot less stressful most of the time!

Today he had his fourth day of KA (Kindergarten A).  He is very happy with his teacher and new class.  He has most of the same kids from last year, two of his best friends left, but four next kids have joined the class.

We've said this a lot.  It's days like this, that it is great to work at the same place your kid goes to school.  John and I had planning periods at the same time this morning, which kind of coincided with Maximo's morning break, so we brought cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday with the class.

 And then we got home and opened family presents:
 We had dinner and more cake with ice cream.  His dinner was per Maximo's request (kind of).  We omitted some pork products and added some sushi to round out the meal.

Needless to say it was a hodge podge dinner.

And then, played in the nude:

** I've been seeing these Cupcakes in a Cone on the web and decided to try them.  I also tried a new frosting, with an interesting no powdered sugar/roux recipe, which I really like.  Note on the "cupcake in the cone", they don't do well overnight.  The cones were soft the next day - luckily the 4 year olds didn't complain!

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