Friday, March 16, 2012


My lack of posting is directly connected to how crazy our lives have been.  Work has been really busy lately - with my inability to say no and John balancing work and coaching.  Luckily in a few hours, we'll be beginning Spring Break.  We are staying around to catch up on work, doctor's appointments, and starting our packing (we're moving April 1st... to the apartment complex across the street!)

Until I have time (hopefully) next week, here are some pictures and videos of Los Lemleys:
The Plum Blossoms in our backyard!

Sunday Shopping & Sushi-Go-Round

Little Kids eating inside while the Big Boys are eating outside

Lola feeding Dima lunch

Big boys having lunch

Happy with our new Iranian carpet... after a few cocktails!
Wild Moms pulling up to the bar on our Mama-sans

 Happy St. Patty's Day (tomorrow)!
And, another lovely TREE song from Maximo:

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