Wednesday, August 03, 2011

They Did It!

Slept together in their bedroom, that is! And everyone *almost* slept through the night. We've been on a mission: "sleep through the night and everyone is in their own beds" since we arrived in Japan. It's been a slow and rather stress-free process that I'm glad we conquered before going back to work.

* almost because Lola cried a little bit at 3:00am, then Max called out, "Look, Daddy, Lola's awake!" but they fell asleep within 2 minutes with little intervention. Lola woke up with a poopy diaper, so that may have been the source of the cry... or not.

Since Lola has been doing fantastic sleeping through the night (Yes, I know that's where I curse myself), even though she started doing daycare 3 hours a day this week and her top two teeth and breaking through, we decided to put them together last night. Maximo has been so tired lately because he's pretty much totally outgrown his nap (I, however, never did). When he doesn't nap, we have a witching time of the day around 4:00 and it lasts until dinner time, but he's passed out asleep by 7:00.

We're still continuing to use the SleepEasy Solution as our sleep bible and it's really good. They had a section about siblings sleeping in the same room, so I read and re read it, then was ready to execute.

They make a suggestion to create a book when verbal kids are going through changes. It makes sense, we used Pirate Potty when we were potty training and we have a few "Starting Preschool" books that we've been reading lately too.

So, I quickly threw together a book (now I wish I spent a little more time on the wording, but oh well). I like the hand drawn one best, but there weren't enough graphics to engage Max, so I made one on the computer and added pictures of Maximo doing his bedtime routine.
Look how well rested we all look now!
Maximo took a pretty good picture!

OUR BOOK, if you're interested:
Max Lo La Bedtime Book

We put Lola down around 6:30 pm, then we read to Maximo in our bed, did our last bathroom run, then tiptoed "like little mice" into bed around 7:00 pm. Lola was fast asleep and Max did a good job of quietly getting into bed and getting situated.

And the rest is hopefully history...

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